My love of photography started with the birth of my daughter Audrey.  I wanted to capture her as she really was—playing with her toys, smiling, interacting with her mom. It was a simple point and click camera, nothing fancy. But it felt natural and comfortable, so I started taking photos.  LOTS of photos and soon I was avidly photographing friends, associates and eventually clients.

Sure the cameras got bigger and the lenses more complex, but the approach I take now is the same.  I want to shoot you as you really are, how you live and love, big smiles and robust laughs.  Mine’s a photojournalistic style that embraces the moment, yet ever mindful that the images will be captured for posterity.  So, together we’ll pick nice settings, make sure your moments aren’t filled with clutter in the background, find some dramatic light to shine behind you and turn on the fun.

So what else can I tell you?  I grew up in Santa Rosa, CA, in the heart of Wine Country.  It’s my stomping ground.  I snowboarded competitively for a year in Tahoe.  I worked for 8 years in San Francisco and I now live with my family in the “burbs” of Austin. I am a lucky man.  Lucky enough to be able to work regularly between these two gorgeous areas of the country. With the support of my wife Joanna and frequent models, daughter Audrey and son Harry, I am able to do something I love and am really good at.

I’m fun, creative, honest, and emotional – and I believe my photos reflect that. I won’t make you say cheese. I’ll shoot you when you’re not looking. My favorite photo is the one I just shot. Send me a note and let’s make yours next!